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Etsy Shower Curtains Give Your Bathroom A Personal Touch

Etsy is a website that allows you to purchase products which are made by the seller themselves. That means that you can get some really original items and Etsy shower curtains are one of them. You can find some amazing designs when you look at Etsy shower curtains and the great thing is that you will be one of the very few people who own that design. If you want a design that is relaxing you can choose that or you can look for something funny and even sexy. The designs that you can get depend on what you are looking for and your particular taste. You can match your shower curtain with the season or you can send a message if that is what you want to do. The creativity of the seller is always on display.

Red Cardinal Shower Curtain

The red cardinal shower curtain is one of the most popular designs and it uses a combination of black and red which with the light is accented. The curtain that you get will be unique as the curtain is actually hand painted using a brush. The fabric is 100 percent polyester so you can be certain that it is not the old school stuffy and thick curtain. The curtain is thin, light, cool and modern and it is mildew resistant. The size is 71 by 71 but can be adjusted if you have a custom shower. If you need to have your Etsy shower curtains customized then you can do so by requesting it from the seller. Personalizing is optional but it adds a nice touch if you want to give it as a gift.

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Basset Hound Shower Curtain

Another popular shower curtain especially with dog lovers is the basset hound shower curtain. This curtain is also hand painted and original. Just like a painting it has been done with a brush to order. You can use this curtain not only in your bath but also in other places in your home. They are a perfect gift for birthdays or weddings. Some people will even hang these curtains on a wall because there is an artistic touch to them. These Etsy shower curtains are perfect for people of all ages from toddlers to grandpas and for a unique product the price is actually not bad at all. You can expect to pay around $60.00 for the basset hound shower curtain.

Disco Man Shower Curtain Retro Dancing

One of the most fun Etsy shower curtains which you will find is the disco man shower curtain retro dancing design. The curtain itself stands at 71 by 71 and it can be customized if you need it to be. The light when it hits the curtain projects the figure of a disco dancer and that is simply a great addition to your shower. The polyester fabric used in the making of these Etsy shower curtains makes it light and perfect for someone who wants to add a “youthful” touch to the bathroom. Some people will even place this shower curtain in the bedroom as it is a fun design and not expensive at all. For one of the best designs on Etsy you will pay just under $70.00.

Sexy Female Dominatrix Shower Curtain With Whip

The sexy female dominatrix shower curtain is one of the best sellers in Etsy and it stands at 71 by 71 inches. Though this curtain could also be customized, you might not even want to do that. It is perfect to get a smile out of anyone using your bathroom. (Maybe just not a little appropriate if grandma is coming for a visit.) Keep in mind that this design is very unique and just like most of the Etsy shower curtains it has been hand painted. The price for this shower curtain is just right as you will pay around $68.00 for your purchase. The curtain is also best when it is closed flat as opposed to folded like a fan by using rings.

Panda Bear Shower Curtain Panda In A Tree Giant Black White

One of the most loved animals in the animal kingdom is the panda bear so it is no surprise that people love the panda bear shower curtain in Etsy shower curtains. The shower curtain features a panda bear in a tree sitting and resting. The tree is on the left side of the curtain leaving most of the right empty as almost a panoramic view. This size is 71 by 71 and it can be customized. Because of the space on the right side of the curtain, you will be able to customize it if you need to. The material is soft polyester which means that the curtain is light. A liner is recommended when you use any of these curtains so plan for that as well.

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