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Personalized Shower Curtain Kids

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Personalized Shower Curtain Kids Adds Fun To Their Bathroom

If your child has their own shower it is often a good decoration idea to give them their own personalized shower curtain kids design. These designs can be found in many popular patterns which kids may love. There are cartoon characters which you may be familiar with and other designs that are just made for kids so that you can match the entire bathroom. The addition of their name on the curtain is a special touch which will make them enjoy the decoration even more. If their friends visit them then your kid will be the envy of the neighborhood. Other specialty design types include sport, baby designs, stickers, birthday, posters and others. Even with the personalized styles you can expect the curtains to be very affordable especially depending on the retailer that you find.

Personalized Shower Curtains In Minnie Or Mickey Themes

Personalized shower curtain kids designs with Disney characters are some of the most popular ones and they do not get much more popular than Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This type of design is found in several personalized curtain retailers and in a lot of cases adding your child's name will not mean paying extra for the curtain. The personalized shower curtain kids item in Mickey or Minnie themes is made of 100 percent polyester fabric. Because of the technique the sublimated designs become part of the actual fabric. The curtains are good quality and they will not crack, peel or fade. You can also wash them in your washing machine to make cleaning much easier. Other similar Disney designs are available as well.

Customized Your Shower Curtain For Kids 

Dinosaur Personalized Shower Curtains

One of the most popular themes with kids these days is the dinosaur one. Personalized shower curtain kids designs which include dinosaurs are colorful and include a drawn section where your kid's name will be along with a dinosaur. The curtains can be customized as well as personalized with up to three names so make sure that you contact your retailer if you need a special design. Personalized shower curtain kids hangings are made of polyester and you only need to wash them in your washing machine and hang them to dry. The standard size is 71 by 72 inches but you can special order larger ones if necessary. Make sure that you give the retailer some time as usually it takes about one to two weeks to get the item to you.

Personalized Shower Curtain Luxe

If your kid is a little bit older and wants something more age appropriate you can still get a personalized shower curtain kids design for them. The personalized shower curtain Luxe is one of them and you can get them in many different colors. This style is a great option for parents with a single kid as you can make it a pink or blue. Their favorite color should also be available. The personalized curtain includes a monogram with their initial as well as the name across. The design is also more elegant than other personalized shower curtain kids patterns which can mean that the curtain can be a more permanent fixture in their shower. The curtain is machine washable and very durable, made of 100 percent polyester.

Personalized Sports Shower Curtain

A personalized sports shower curtain from Luxury Lamb makes shower time a lot more fun for your little athlete. You can have anywhere from one to three names on the curtain with a character to go along with it. The character that you choose corresponds to the child's gender. The standard size for this curtain is 71 by 72 inches and it is 100 percent machine washable. The material is 100 percent polyester. The characters can be a football player or a cheerleader. The price for this curtain should be around the $80.00 mark. The curtain itself is durable so you can keep it for a long time. The sports curtain is great; just make sure that your kid leaves the sports equipment outside each time they shower.

Personalized TPN Choo Choo Shower Curtain

This is a great shower curtain for younger kids. It adds a lot of color to the shower and it usually comes in a standard size of 71 by 72. The curtain can be customized with up to three names and special requests are available at the best retailers. The personalized shower curtain kids designs are made to order and it usually takes about two weeks to get. The top of the curtain is red and blue and the bottom includes pictures of kids' trains as well as a monogram with the front of a train and your kid's name. The curtains are machine washable and can be just hung to dry after each wash. They are durable and your kids, especially those with an affinity for trains, will enjoy them.

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