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Shower Curtains 70 X 78 - What Are Your Options?

When you have a standing shower and not a bathtub you want a shower curtain that will cover the entire space. Shower curtains 70 x 78 are enough for getting the job done. The size can also look classier and cover most of the shower area. You can find them in many different designs and some will also include a liner set. The colors are also found in great variety so whatever your décor in your bathroom, you will be able to find the shower curtain and accessories for your taste. The price that you will find can also be affordable if you look hard enough. There are shower curtains 70 x 78 for everybody's bathroom. You can get some for the baby, kids, adults and everyone in between. You can shop online or at your town’s home store.

Hookless Waffle Gray Fabric Shower Curtain And Liner Set

Thanks to the split ring hookless system these shower curtains 70 x 78 styles are easy to install. In fact you could have your hookless waffle gray fabric shower curtain and liner set installed in under 10 seconds. Both the shower curtain and the liner are water resistant as well as antimicrobial which means they have been treated to prevent mildew from forming on both of them. The waffle design in these shower curtains 70 x 78 allows for light to come into the shower and that can give you a feeling of more space. This curtain is the type of product that you will be only too happy to place in your shower. The look is classy and modern at the same time. Different colors are available.

Option For 70 x 78 Curtain Showers 

Watershed Picardy Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain

Some customers love a sophisticated look everywhere in their home and the watershed Picardy stripe fabric shower curtain does that for your bathroom. The curtain features a black and white coloring design with vertical stripes. The curtain is a two in one which means that a liner is not really necessary. The curtain repels water and it is fast drying. Another feature that you will find a lot in the reviews of these shower curtains 70 x 78 is its resistance to mold which can keep the curtain clean for a longer time. The curtain is machine washable to make cleaning easy. The bottom is weighted so that the curtain stays down each time you are taking a shower.

Alaina Shower Curtain

This is a more contemporary and luxurious shower curtain for those who want a design. These shower curtains 70 x 78 feature floral embroidery as well as printed motifs and that means that your bathroom gets a touch of sophistication. The material for this curtain is 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton. Keeping it clean is a snap as you can just put it in your washing machine. The main color is white with gray at both the top and the bottom of the curtain. Having a solid white wall will make this curtain even more enhanced. Using a liner with this curtain is recommended though it has been treated to prevent the growth of mildew. This curtain can be described as an artistic beauty which anyone can add to their bathroom.

MLB Frosted Shower Curtain

Sports fans everywhere can add a little team spirit to their shower by using an MLB frosted shower curtain. Your favorite team's logo is included in the shower curtain along with the team's colors. Both kids and adults will love these shower curtains 70 x 78. The frosted material is great for making your team’s colors and logo come to life. Cleaning it is very easy; all that you need to do is wipe it clean. Most of the popular teams in baseball are available including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets and Chicago White Sox so every baseball fan should find the one they like. People who visit your home will instantly know your baseball allegiance.

Park B. Smith Satin Stripe Black Watershed Shower Curtain

Bathrooms of any décor will see benefit from using the Park B. Smith satin stripe black watershed shower curtain. The style of these shower curtains 70 x 78 is simple and yet stylish. There is no need to use a liner with this shower curtain because the curtain itself repels water as well as resists allergens and mold. The weight at the bottom helps the curtain stay in place during your shower. The curtain is made of 100 percent polyester and can be washed using a washing machine and slow tumble dry. The solid colors of the curtain are perfect for almost any bathroom. Remember that black pretty much goes with everything. Another great thing about this curtain is the price as you can get one for around $30.00.

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