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Sloped Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod For Your Bathroom


One of the best ways to improve your bathroom is by adding a sloped ceiling shower curtain rod. These types of curtain rods are great in providing more safety and space to your shower. They are secured on the sides as well as on the ceiling which keeps them in place. If your shower or bathroom has a high ceiling then you could not do better than a sloped ceiling shower curtain rod and you can also make it so that most curtains fit nicely on it. Some shower rods are bendable which makes it easier for you to find the space while others are perfect for smaller showers on the corner. Whatever the situation is with your shower, you can add a great touch by using a ceiling rod so what are some of the best rods in the market today?

Bendable Shower Curtain Rod With A Chrome Finish

If you are looking for a sloped ceiling shower curtain rod which can be fit in any area then you should look at a bendable shower curtain rod with a chrome finish. Because it is bendable, the size of your shower does not matter much. This rod includes two ceiling support wall mounts which measure 20 inches and it also includes curtain hooks for easy curtain installation. The curtain rod itself measures close to 10 feet so you have enough space even in a larger shower. With a bendable sloped ceiling shower curtain rod you have the freedom to give your curtain rod any shape that you want no matter the angle or the shape of your shower.

 Sloped Ceiling Shower Curtain Rods To Improve Your Bathroom Space

Corner Shower Curtain Rod In Brushed Nickel

The corner shower curtain rod in brushed nickel is a curtain rod which be adjusted by cutting. The shower rod when you get it measures about 60 by 48 by 1 of tubing. It is great for people with whirlpool tubs or with larger showers. This sloped ceiling shower curtain rod has a 36 inch ceiling support so if your shower ceiling is a little too high; it is not a problem for this curtain rod. The price for the corner shower curtain rod in brushed nickel is not bad at all; in fact it should be around $160.00. Swivel supports may be necessary for sloped ceilings but retailers can usually help you in obtaining those without much trouble and they will know exactly which ones you will need.

Neo Angle Shower Rod With Ceiling Support

If you have a smaller shower or a whirlpool tub on a corner in your bathroom, then the neo angle shower rod with ceiling support may be your best bet. This sloped ceiling shower curtain rod attaches to the wall on the corner of your bathroom and it does not need many accessories to do the work. This product is easy to install and usually available at most hardware stores. You should use rings if you are using this curtain rod because once it is in place, you will not be able to remove it. This curtain rod is one of the more affordable ones in the market with a price of under $80.00 and durability that you would think would cost more.

Zenith L-Shaped Rod White

For people looking for the best price on their sloped ceiling shower curtain rod the Zenith L-shaped rod is probably as good as it gets. You will not be paying over $50.00 for the rod and in fact, you can sometimes find it for much less than that. The design is simple and yet modern and you can mount it very easily without need for additional tools. All the mounting brackets and hardware are included in your purchase and the L-shaped rod is perfect for corners in larger bathrooms. The rod is designed for showers which are already partly enclosed. That is why the corner makes all the sense in the world. The instructions include illustrations to make it simpler to install the rod in your bathroom no matter what it looks like now.

Extra Heavy Whittington Corner Shower Curtain Rod

If you want one of the best sloped ceiling shower curtain rod, then the extra heavy Whittington corner shower curtain rod may be for you. This rod is heavy duty and it includes a 36 inch ceiling support. The rods can be adjusted by cutting at the ends. Heavy duty flanges are included with both mounting screws and set screws as well as wall anchors. The installation is easy and you will more than likely be able to finish it yourself. There are only two pieces to the curtain rod; there are also a few designer finish choices such as brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, black powder coat, etc. Though the price is a bit higher, its durability makes it all worth it.

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