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Springmaid Chantal Shower Curtain Is A Beautiful Addition To Your Bathroom


If you are looking for a new classic style shower curtain then you may want to look at the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain. The Springmaid Chantal poppy flower cotton shower curtain adds a classic floral design to your bathroom which you can match with other colors that you may have already purchased for your bathroom. You can also combine this design with others that you may have already in your house. If you have plants inside your house, then adding these curtains to the shower will provide a continuation of your interior home design. When you look at the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain you will almost feel as if you are looking at art. It is no accident because the design has been inspired by flower paintings as well as a little abstract art.


One of the most important things when you are shopping for a shower curtain is its size. Sometimes a shower curtain will be too long for your shower. The measurement of this Springmaid Chantal shower curtain is 72 by 72 inches which is usually more than enough for most standard size showers and bathtubs. The curtains fall down and will give you all the privacy that you need. The only time when 72 by 72 may not be enough is when you have a flat bottom shower with curtains that hang from all the way on top near the ceiling. If that is your set up currently you can purchase shower curtain rods which are easy to install and will allow you to enjoy this beautiful design without much work to be done on your part.

 Getting Your Bathroom Installed With A Springmaid Chantal Shower Curtain


The colors of the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain are soothing. The colors in the curtain are cream, orange and yellow. If you have any of those colors currently in your bathroom, then the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain will fit right in. Keep in mind that the color is cream and not just white so take a look at your walls and make sure that it matches before you purchase. Cream is the color of the background in the shower curtain. The flowers are mostly orange and yellow; perfect if you like to change things up for the seasons as those colors are perfect for the autumn. You will feel that your bath is more of a soothing place when you use this curtain due to its original design.


This curtain is easy to care for as it is made of 100 percent cotton. The rules for the material always apply. You can use a washing machine but the drying has to be done in the tumble dry setting. The fabric is cotton so make sure that you also use a liner to protect it even more once you install it. Many of the retailers of the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain will also specialize in sales of other bathroom items so the liners can probably be found by visiting those retailers. It is not recommended that you just hang the curtain to dry as when cotton is wet, it can stretch just a bit. The fabric though is very strong so stretching should not be much of a concern, but still use the tumble dry setting.


If you are shopping for the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain or any other shower curtain for that matter it is important that you pay special attention to the packaging. If you are not buying at a regular store, many things can happen during delivery. The packaging in this item is enough to protect it even when you order it through the mail. You must also make sure that the packaging is original and sealed. Original tags should be on the packaging itself. If you place an order for a shower curtain and that curtain is not in its original packaging, there is a chance that it may have been a return or that some damage may have affected the curtain. The fabric is some of the best but it must be in its original packaging.

Who Will Enjoy It The Most?

The design is as stated earlier very soothing so if you have soothing colors in your house and especially in your bathroom you will love the Springmaid Chantal shower curtain. People with an artistic touch or love will also benefit from the artistic touch which the curtain gives to the entire bathroom. Most of the people who order this curtain already know why they love it; if you are looking for a more modern style for your shower curtains, then you may need to target another type of curtain. You can purchase this style at the best stores and retailers. Online these curtains are available on Amazon and other online shopping websites. The best deals for them can be found online where cheap prices are usually available.

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